Robert Vernon

Robert Vernon // President

Robert Vernon founded Digital Arts Imaging in the basement of his home in 2001. However, that wasn’t his first venture in the print and digital imaging industry. His first company Digital World Images grew to include Digital World Media and Digital World Audio before Robert joined the C2 Media team in 1999. After the many successes of his previous companies, Robert returned to his humble beginnings as leading innovator in the print industry. As the digital world grew, so did the company. Robert added Digital Arts Creative to offer graphic design and marketing services to become a one-stop shop for his loyal clients.

Robert, a Colorado native, attended Colorado Mountain College enjoying skiing, repelling and hiking, then found employment in the print industry before starting his own business. When the opportunity to merge companies he founded to form C2 Media presented itself, he and his family relocated to New Jersey to be closer to the lucrative markets in New York City and Philadelphia. Nestled between the two metropolitan areas, Robert has built a team that shares in his vision for Digital Arts with him lovingly referred to as the fearless leader.

When he’s not at the office, Robert fills his time with many different activities. He serves on various boards in the community. He enjoys music, writing songs, noodling on the keyboard, playing both the electric bass and drums. Robert also enjoys painting, reading and writing. He is the main sheep wrangler and chicken caretaker and llama whisperer on his family’s farmette in Hunterdon County.
Sandra Vernon

Sandra Vernon // Vice President

With over 20 years exposure in the print and now marketing industry, Sandra has partnered with her husband, Robert as the business has grown from its humble beginnings. Formerly the General Manager here at Digital Arts, Sandra now serves the team as Vice President.

Sandra holds a Bachelor of Science in Elementary and Special Education from Lewis-Clark State College and a Masters of Education Arts in Educational Administration from University of Washington. Her education has been put to good use at Digital Arts in analyzing metrics and implementing processes for the company’s efficiency. She also uses her educational background while serving on various boards in Hunterdon County.

At home, Sandra is the mother of three young adult daughters and somehow she’s maintained her sanity. Well, she thinks she’s maintained it. Her hobbies have definitely helped with that. She enjoys dancing, music, reading, the outdoors, gardening, riding horses and time with her two PBGV (Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen) dogs.

Originally from Idaho, Sandra migrated to New Jersey by way of Colorado. Though she misses the West, she now has the pleasure of enjoying Philadelphia and New York City as well as the beauty of this area that is kept secret from Westerners.
Audrey Kerchner

Audrey Kerchner // Account Director & Marketing Strategist

Audrey has over 15 years of experience in the marketing world. She has been at the helm of corporate branding and communications, digital marketing, print marketing and multichannel campaigns, across several industries. With her experience as both an internal strategist and at agencies, her knowledge is backed by results. Having worked on many marketing campaigns worldwide, Audrey knows the ins and outs of creating end-to-end strategic plans. She knows the importance of implementing a cohesive plan both online and off to bridge the gaps between digital and print marketing to position our clients for success.

Audrey has a Bachelors of Science in Business Management with a minor in Psychology, which has helped shape the way she manages her projects and approaches her strategies.

Her work is strengthened by her hobbies because in addition to a strategist, she’s also a creative. She’s a maker and all around creative person, who loves to paint, draw, knit, and use (and reuse) everyday objects to make functional art. And while art is a huge facet to her personality, it’s her family that acts as the guiding force in her life. They have help ground her and remind her to always be true to her self and her passions.
Gina Kleinhans Gina Kleinhans

Gina Kleinhans // Account Director & Marketing Strategist

Gina’s educational background in cognitive psychology shapes the way she approaches her clients and projects. Her love of analytics brings with her the ability to understand relationships between variables through the use of statistical tools. That skill, combined with her fascination of how the human mind perceives and interprets the world, Gina examines her clients’ businesses from the vantage point and behavioral patterns of their customers. This method allows her to develop marketing solutions that are tailored, measurable, and cost-effective. Having spent the last 10 years working in the pharmaceutical and medical education industries, Gina brings with her a history of results-driven performance coupled with a deep consideration and personal sense of responsibility for the success of her clients. She believes that it is imperative to build strong professional relationships with her clients to thoroughly understand their business objectives and aspirations so that she can best strategize approaches that will lead to attainment of those goals.

Outside of the office, Gina is a fitness enthusiast. She is a second degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do and a Certified Personal Trainer who loves high intensity interval training and weight lifting. When she's not in the gym, you'll likely find her enjoying the sun on the sandy shores of Asbury Park accompanied by her husband, Matt, and Cocker Spaniel rescue, Lexington. She also volunteers for numerous organizations including the ASPCA and her alma mater, Duke University, as an undergraduate candidate interviewer on the Alumni Admissions Advisory Committee. You can bet that if there's a Duke/UNC game on calendar, she's glued to her television cheering on her Blue Devils.
JD San Jose

JD San Jose // Graphic Design Director

JD is one of the people who help Digital Arts bring your visions to life. He’s been designing since 2004 and brings his diverse experience to the table. His design career started in the fashion industry before he transitioned over to marketing agencies that handled high-end architectural clients, real estate developers, rehab facilities, and higher education institutions, like Rutgers University and Columbia University. He found himself back in the fashion world where he served as a freelance Art Director before branching out to serve his own small business clients. His favorite areas of design are typography and identity design, which are things he’s been able to incorporate in his projects here, both print and digital.

He attended both the School of Visual Arts and Kean University. His education, paired with his interests, has helped shaped the way he designs. He also began studying Shamanism with the Foundation for Shamanic Studies, which has opened his eyes to a new worldview. This ancient healing tradition helped him recognize that spirits exist in all things and strengthened his connection with nature.

As a woods and ocean lover, you can find him mountain biking or surfing. He doesn’t just surf though. He also makes the boards he rides and even has his own line of custom made surfboards! His experience riding helped him learn surfboard design and working as a sander at a surfboard fiberglass house helped him refine his craft. He also expresses his creativity playing bass in local bands. JD’s favorite downtime is relaxing with his wife and two dogs.
William Waggoner

William Waggoner // Graphic Design Director

Will has been designing for almost 20 years before bringing his talent and experience to Digital Arts. During that time he’s acted as a Senior Designer, Art Director and freelance Creative Director. Prior to that he was a Producer for The Walt Disney Company in Los Angeles working on both TV and feature film productions. His diverse experience and sharp eye are what allow him to bring our clients’ visions to life visually.

Will has a Bachelor of Science degree in Mass Communications from Emerson College, and he finally framed his diploma after it sat in a silverfish-laden box for more than two decades.

Will is also an accomplished Pop Art and abstract painter whose work is exhibited in galleries and museums several times a year. He was even named a New Jersey Emerging Artist in 2012. In his free time Will enjoys long-distance rail trail mountain biking and Olympic recurve bow archery.
Brittany DeMauro Brittany DeMauro

Brittany DeMauro // Content Director

Brittany has worn many hats over the lifetime of her career until her mom told her it was impolite to wear hats indoors. So now, she has channeled all of her energy into the world of content. Fundamentally, she’s a writer so luckily social media, blogging, and scripting videos is how she spends her days. She started in the marketing industry as an intern who learned to collect, analyze, and present web analytics. After that, she figured out how to create the bridge between her love for the written word and her obsession with getting as many retweets, likes, and shoutouts as humanly possible. And that’s how she found her way to Digital Arts.

She proudly admits to signing up for the wrong major in college. Graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in Communications with a concentration in Writing from Ramapo College of New Jersey, she attributes her career path to that administration error. She continued to make it up as she went and even proceeded to get her MFA in Creative Writing from Full Sail University.

A lot of her free time is spent on trying to convince people she’s funny on YouTube and Twitter. A lot more of her free time is dedicated to becoming a professional Netflix Binger. She has also gone to great lengths avoiding writing her first novel because Netflix isn't going to watch itself.
Amy Lukac Amy Lukac

Amy Lukac // Content Writer

Amy has been writing ever since she could. Even before she knew how to, she told stories to everyone she met. When she was about 6-years-old she wrote and illustrated a story about a bunny that wanted bigger ears. This bunny began to swing from the trees by its ears every day until they stretched. The bunny never gave up and eventually had the ears that it always wished for.

Amy uses this story to explain her own. She wanted to be a writer, went through years of schooling, graduated from East Stroudsburg University with a Bachelor of Arts in Professional New Media Writing, struggled to find a job after college but didn’t give up and published any freelance article she could. Eventually all her hard work paid of and she got her “big ears,” or, landed a content writing job with Digital Arts.

When she’s not writing for work, she enjoys writing freelance articles for ComicsVerse and Elite Daily. When she’s not writing in general, she uses her ticket-stalking gift to attend every concert she so desires.
Marne Vernon

Marne Vernon // Customer Experience Director

Some say Marne was destined to be part of this company. She got her first big break at age 6 when she became, arguably, the best stamp sticker to date. Her responsibilities grew once she was trained on all of the in-house printers and scanners. She then took over managing the front office duties as well. She writes up the job tickets, sends proofs to clients, and makes sure the bowl of candy is filled with mediocre chocolate. As of February 2017 she welcomed her son, Ricoh Fiery, our small format printer and man is he earning his keep.

She is currently pursuing a degree in Art Education at The College of New Jersey. If they eventually let her graduate, she’ll be off teaching Art to high schoolers.

Although the print and marketing world might be in her blood, or she inherited it through osmosis, Marne is fundamentally an artist. Give her a paintbrush and she’ll attempt to put her three years of art school to use to make something nice to look at. But give her a camera and she’ll never ask for anything again. She loves anything to do with the outdoors, is a champion snoozer, and a lover of light and all things healthy. She lives in a small apartment with her guy and her dog and she’s equally obsessed with both of them.
Jeff Sanders

Jeff Sanders // Graphic Project Coordinator

Jeff has been an integral part of the Digital Arts production team for the last three years. That’s only a small dent in his extensive experience in the sign and graphics industry. Over the last 20 years, he’s worked as a designer, fabricator, and project coordinator. He served as an illustrator draftsman in the United States Navy and is a Gulf War Veteran.

As far as education, he holds a degree in Visual Communications. That, paired with his diverse experience, is what helps him bring our clients’ visions to life. It’s no surprise that he’s also an accomplished artist because the team watches him carve, paint, and create on a daily basis. His favorite quote is “Well done is better than well said” and it makes sense because his work speaks for itself.

Outside of the production studio, this Irishman enjoys supporting his community with his wife and four awesome kids by his side. He enjoys coaching Little League Baseball and you might recognize his voice as the announcer for the Manville Mustang high school football games.

He’s the (self-proclaimed) World’s Greatest Backup Singer and dreamt of becoming a stuntman like his childhood hero, Evel Knievel. He also enjoys cooking, grilling (charcoal only, please), and cheering for the Dallas Cowboys. Jeff dreams of moving to the South Pacific even though he’s never actually been there but we’re glad he hasn’t traded the four season of New Jersey for a life of luxury in paradise.
Terence O-Connor

Terence O'Connor // Graphic Project Coordinator

Terence brings 10 years experience in print production to the team. He developed an interest in art and design after he was introduced to Computer Aided Design at just 10 years old. Since then, he’s worked as a carpenter’s apprentice, farmhand, senior designer, and head of production at a sign shop. He’s even won the United States Sign Council’s International Sign Design Competition in the “Building Signs” Category and his work has appeared in Sign Builder Illustrated Magazine.

Between his first introduction to art and design and joining the Digital Arts team, Terence graduated from Kutztown University with a BFA in Communication Design with concentrations in Graphic Design & Interactive Design.

Outside the office, Terence has many hobbies. He grew up locally in Hunterdon County and you can find him cooking, kayaking, boating, and skiiing. He’s got a strong poker face which comes in handy when he plays poker with friends. He’s also been known to draw and sculpt in his spare time as another outlet for his creativity.
Images courtesy National Gallery of Art, Washington, and do not depict Digital Arts employees.